Welcome to Jan Johnsen’s Gardentopia

Welcome to Gardentopia!

Are you a gardener or landscape designer? Do you love beautiful outdoor settings and connecting to the natural world? If you answered “yes”, Gardentopia is for you.

I believe that great garden design ideas should be accessible to all and so I am sharing what I have learned over my 50 years in the landscape design and horticultural professions. My posts are meant to spark inspiration so that your landscape is filled with eco-friendly, creative and artful touches.

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I am a professional, working landscape designer and horticulturist. I live in the Hudson Valley of New York. My company is Johnsen Landscapes & Pools. I also write, speak and teach. My books include Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and ReflectionThe Spirit of Stone - Stonescaping Ideas for Your Garden, Gardentopia and Floratopia

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Geoffrey Jellicoe, the great English garden writer and designer, said that landscape design is “the most comprehensive of the arts”. So true! And so, the design ideas I share are a blend of landscape construction tips, plant illustrations and suggestions, design trends, gardening techniques and my somewhat philosophical musings. A perfect primer for anyone who is interested in design and nature.

What Paid Subscribers Get:

A lot. PAID subscribers (just $5.00 monthly or $50.00 yearly) get full access to all issues, plus bonus plant lists, detailed instructions with thoughts on materials, drawing how-tos, and design instruction. As an example, I will share garden design ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformations using lots of photos and videos. I will answer your questions in our Q & A sessions and comment threads, where we can all get together and talk shop. It is personalized instruction from a pro! Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update.


My lineup of regular features will include PLANT FAVORITES (asking people that I admire to chat with us and tell us their favorite plants), GARDEN PRODUCTS (a mix of product and tool recommendations), DESIGN DETAILS (so so important!), PEOPLE TO KNOW (historical and modern personages that make a difference) and, occasionally, GARDEN BOOKS.

When?  Weekly. Bonus paid content may arrive (like a birthday gift) during the week. 

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